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Nov 252014


Its OFFICIAL! Honey Dip from Mama Goons EP titled “Bittersweet July” which is available for purchase “here” is now for our viewing pleasure! Mama Goons music video is now on Billboard simply click here to see it!

You can also check out what went down Behind the Scenes of “Honey Dip” below ;)

Sep 202014


Hey babygoons! Make sure you have signed up on DEV’s official website to receive updates on “Bittersweet July” upcoming performances and news!

If you have already signed up then you will have gotten the video of Dev’s LIVE performance of “Feel It” at Mezzanine check it out below!

Sep 202014


Hey babygoons check out mama goos latest interview with Refinery29 they talk make up!DEV’s sexy cat eye, and of course Bitterweet July (avail now for pre order) to check out the interview read below!

You always have such beautiful skin, which makes it so easy to do your makeup. What’s your skin-care regimen like?
“It definitely changes depending on how much I’m traveling, or how much I’m doing with my daughter, but I do make sure to exfoliate three times a week. I feel like that really helps to keep it clean, since I have to wear a lot of makeup onstage — and I obviously sweat when I’m performing — so my face tends to feel a little heavy after.”

Any skin products you’re loving right now?
“Lately, I’ve been using Murad products on my face, and I really like them a lot. They’re not too heavy on my skin, and they just feel really good. I use all the products in the Environmental Shield Day Regimen, and I find that they really help keep my skin to stay bright and clear, especially when I travel. My fiancé also uses a lot of Kiehl’s products, and I like to steal those sometimes.”

What are some cool beauty hacks you love doing? Share your secrets!
“Well, I love the trick you taught me, actually, about using a pencil eyeliner first — and then a liquid over [it] to make it last forever. It…gives the liquid something to stick to and helps it stay a lot longer. I wear so much eyeliner when I perform, so it’s really important that it stays put.”

You’re known for playing up your eyes — especially onstage. What do you love about dramatic eye makeup — over a bold lip or bare-faced look?
“I just really love a cat-eye: It’s kind of become my signature look. I feel most like myself that way, I guess. I don’t always like to wear a lot of lipstick when I perform, because the microphone smudges it up so much. But, I do like to use lipliner to…make my lips look a little larger sometimes. I would love to have larger lips, but I’m way too scared of filler — so, it’s great to use lipliner right outside my natural lip line to…cheat them out a little bit and give them a little extra oomph.

“I don’t really ever go bare-faced. I was a tomboy when I was a kid, and I didn’t ever really wear makeup until I was about 18. And then, when I started doing shows, I really got into it. Now, it just makes me feel really sexy to have a full face of makeup. I’ll even go to spinning with makeup on sometimes — which is probably so bad for my skin — but I just think I look cute in the mirror, so I do it anyway.

“I went through this phase where I kept thinking, Is it wack that I like having a full face on? And then, I read this really cool article that Gwen Stefani wrote, where she was saying that her husband really likes her with makeup on, so she’ll re-apply it like three times a day. I was like, Sick, I’m so into that, you know? I’ll go bare-faced when I have days off, because I think sometimes my skin needs to take a breather — but only if I’ve been doing a lot of shows or something like that.”


So, if you were going to experiment with lips or eyes, you would pick eyes?
“Yes, I’m much more adventurous with my eye makeup. I love experimenting with color on my eyes. CK One Color has this shadow called Muse that I’ve been loving lately. It’s almost like a cranberry color that looks really cool on my eyes. I love pairing it with the CK One Color Gloss Eyecolor in Loud, which is this really thick pencil in a peachy shade that has almost a wet look when you put it on. I use that all over and then use Muse in the crease.”

What’s your best eyeliner trick?
“Aside from the layering trick you taught me: To get a nice, straight line, I like to rest my arm on the table, so it’s really stable when I’m drawing it on. Then, I just draw as close to the lashline as possible. I prefer a really long tail on my cat-eye to a little kitten-eye or something like that — just really dramatic.”

Click Here to read the rest of this interview on Refinery29

Sep 172014

Goons! Get your pre-orders up! 5 DAYS LEFT!

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Sep 172014


Hey Goons, Dev has been sharing some makeup tips with Kayleen Mcadams and CK One Color, check out the video!

Also don’t forget to preorder Bittersweet July!





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Aug 112014

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 Hey Goons! Bittersweet July is now available to pre-order in the UK and US on iTunes.

Bittersweet July will release on September 23, 2014, you can get the promotional track “Kids” now!








Honey Dip

Feel It

Baby, We Go


Who Needs a Heart





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Aug 072014


Hey babygoons! You heard us!!! DEV has uploaded a 15 second track from #BittersweetJuly, thats beat is….. hypnotic were loving it! We cant hide our excitement!!!!!


Aug 062014

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review updates

Hey babygoons!!! Mama Goon is nominated on Latina Magazines 30 under 30 Award! Make sure you place your vote for Mama Goon by Clicking Here

Aug 062014


Hey babygoons, DEV and Nanosaur’s EP “Not All Love Songs Have To Be So Sad” is now available for Purchase on iTUNES, HERE

Checkout what DEV had to tweet about the EP and the upcoming EP “Bittersweet July”

Jul 292014


Hey baby goons! You read right!! You could be in with a chance to see DEV at a Private party where she will be performing her new singles from the highly anticipated EP “Bittersweet July” DEV has announced the details on her Facebook check out her post below! ;)

Post by Dev.