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Nov 262013

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Arjan has written a glowing review of Dev’s Kiss It. Check out his kind and very accurate review below :)

After keeping us in the dark for a little while, Dev returns gloriously with new single “Kiss It” (featuring Sage The Gemini) that is the first track taken from her forthcoming new EP that will be released early 2014. The grand Dame of Sass gives us everything we hoped for and more on “Kiss It.” It’s a punchy blend of dance, pop and hip hop that is loaded with girl power and marked by cheeky lyrics and forward-thinking production stylings that are all drenched in Dev’s genuine brand of cool. The expert production is courtesy of none other than soundboard wizard Hitboy who previously produced GOOD Music’s “Clique,” A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie” and a track on Britney Spears’ forthcoming new album.

“Kiss It” feels like a fresh new start for Dev that follows big changes in her personal and private life in the last couple of years. After she was propelled to the top of the global pop charts as the featured vocalists on Far East Movement’s “Like A G6″ (together with The Cataracs), Dev dilligently worked on songs for her debut album while touring non-stop all over the world. More hit tracks followed including “Bass Down Low,” “Backseat” and “In The Dark” that introduced an edgy new dance-pop sound that put Dev in pole position for continued success.

The Bay Area singer’s success was also fueled by high-profile collaborations with people like Timbaland, David Guetta, JLS and Martin Solveig who featured her on their tracks. The release of Dev’s (very good) debut LP “The Night The Sun Came Up” was delayed several times to finetune the final collection of songs and to give her time to be a mother. Dev announced that she and her fiancee Jimmy Gorecki were expecting a baby right before the scheduled release of the record in September 2011.

“The Night The Sun Came Up” was eventually released early 2012 to glowing reviews and was followed by a tour and appearances at South by Southwest and the Ultra Music Festival. Things took an unexpected turn in the summer of 2012 when Dev decided to split with her long-time management to reset her career and start with a clean slate.

It was as if Dev decided to take two steps back in order to take three steps forward. In a candid interview with our friends at Idolator, Dev reflects on the past and explains that she learned a lot of her experiences of the last two years. She looks refreshed, focused and ready to go at it again with new music that may lean a little more R&B. “Kiss It” clearly bridges where Dev came from and where she’s heading next. It’s a smart move as it will excite her fans and hopefully make many new ones.

Source: Arjan Writes

Jun 162012

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Check out this new interview with The Cataracs where they talk about where everything started for them and DEV. Its an interesting interview. Enjoy :)

Source: Arjan Writes

Mar 292012

Check out what Arjan had to say about Dev’s new video ”Naked” feat Enrique:

This week is easily one of the biggest and most important weeks of Dev’s burgeoning career as a pop star. On Sunday, she performed for thousands of fans at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami alongside Timbaland, Steve Aoki and DJ Skeet Skeet who came out to support her. That high-profile gig was followed by the much-anticipated release of her fantastic debut LP, “The Night The Sun Came Up,” that is slowly but surely rising to the top of the iTunes album chart. And if all of that wasn’t enough, Dev unveiled the video for her new single “Naked” on YouTube today that features none other than heartthrob Enrique Iglesias.

When we first reviewed the song back in December, we were immediately captured by hypnotic and mesmerizing qualities of the song. Masterfully produced by The Cataracs, the song prominently features Dev’s sexy and sultry performance along with Enrique Iglesias’ yearning vocals that amplify the production’s summery qualities.

The video of the song takes us to a late night at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas where Dev is getting ready for a night out and a perfectly coiffed Enrique just checked in to try his luck at the roulette table. The Las Vegas mega hotel and casino is the perfect backdrop for a song about rolling the dice, a chance meeting and taking a risk with a stranger no matter what others think of it. “Daddy told you to stay away from me,” Dev sings. “[But] I don’t care what they say. It’s our life. Come and run away with me (. . .) We can dance if we want. Make it feel alright.”

Dev and Enrique actually do not appear together in one single frame, but after almost running into each other the entire night, the video suggests they finally meet in the very last scene of the video in the hotel elevator just when the doors are about to slide to a close. And that’s exactly that chance meeting filled with chemistry that sparks intrigue and a bit of mystery that fuels the song’s narrative. The Cataracs make a cameo in the video as well when they meet Dev in the hotel bar around the 2:19 minute mark. (Support new pop and download Dev “Naked” and “The Night The Sun Came Up” on iTunes.)

Source : Arjan Writes

Jan 132012

Arjan recently reviewed the video for Dancing Shoes, heres what he had to say:

Dev looks stunning and downright gorgeous in the brand-new video for “Dancing Shoes,” a track taken from her forthcoming debut LP “The Night The Sun Came Up.” Even tough Dev’s duet with Enrique Iglesias on “Naked” is her official (and very good) new single, the Los Angeles singer and proud mama has plenty of fresh material to share and to tease us with until her album drops on March 27.

After the party-starting “Bass Down Low” and the sultry grooves of “In The Dark,” this new “Dancing Shoes” shows off a much softer side of Dev. It’s a pop lullaby of the sweetest kind that is perfectly prepped with Dev’s candy-coated vocals and lush, dreamy arrangement courtesy of The Cataracs.

“Dancing Shoes” is really a song for her fans in which Dev opens up and talks what it is like to perform for them night after night all across the world. She perfectly captures that exact moment of anticipation right before going on stage. She sings, “I’m putting on my dancing shoes tonight and a thousand people are waiting for me. I can hear them outside from the curtain I sit behind. The drums kick in and the lights go down and my heartbeat drowns out the sound (. . . ) I sing my song and a thousand voices singalong.”

The video for “Dancing Shoes” brings the gentle tones of the song to life by telling the story of a young boy performing in front of a crowd. Instead of cheering him on, the audience boos his performance and one audience member even throws a banana peel onto the stage, which causes the boy to trip. Always rooting for the underdog, Dev hurries over and catches the boy’s fall and joins him on stage to graciously finish the performance together. It is sweet video for an equally sweet tune that emphasizes that Dev sure isn’t a one trick pony.

Source: Arjan