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Feb 192014

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Check out this new dev interview :) Its nice to be getting more interviews from her. We here at DWD cannot wait for the Kiss it video. :)

Feb 072014

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Check out Devs new interview with ODM. Shes looking so hot :)

Jan 192014

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Hey babygoons check out DEV’s latest interview with Arizona Foothills Magazine! Loving the images from this Calvin Klein photoshoot! Devin looks hella calienteeee <3

AFM- What made you decide to go by Dev instead of your full name, Devin Star Tailes?

Dev- When I first started working with the Cataracts, my myspace said Dev. They just started calling me Dev!

AFM- What inspired you to get into the music business?

Dev- I always studied music in school growing up. I was in band and choir…But I think when I met the Cataracts was when I became inspired enough to pursue it professionally.

AFM- Have you always wanted to perform?

Dev- Oh yeah, definitely. Performing is what I’ve always wanted to do. I love it, and I’ve always loved it ever since I was a kid.

AFM- Are you looking forward to your upcoming concert?

Dev- Of course. I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve been back. I love Arizona! My sister’s fiance actually lives there.

AFM- Do you get to write your own songs?

Dev- I write my songs. Somtimes I like working with other writers. The vibe of bringing an outside story into the picture just helps me to broaden my horizons.

AFM- Out of all your hit songs, what was your favorite song to produce and why?

Dev- I really liked “Shadows” that was on my album “The Night the Sun Came Up.” I liked the emotions behind it and the intensity of it a lot. I loved “In the Dark”, and I loved performing “In the Dark”. It was really fun for me. I don’t know. That’s a little hard! I have an emotional attachment to all the records that I make, even if they’re silly or lighthearted, I still have a connection with that song!

AFM- What’s it like working with artists like Timbaland, Afrojack, and Enrique Iglesies?

Dev- Um, it was amazing! I always get kind of nervous going in and working with other artists that are really well known… just being vulnerable with them in the studio and kind of let your guard down. But, everyone that I’ve worked with I can say I took a piece of something from them with me and learned something from them.

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Jan 152014

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Hey babygoons check out this cute an funny interview that Mama Goon had in the studio with Q97.1FM

Dec 062013

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Hey babygoons check out mama goons latest interview before she went on stage at Supperclub ;) she talks music, gives advice for aspiring artists and what her plans were for thanksgiving:

Nov 292013


Hey babygoons check out Mama Goons exclusive interview with Life of a Rockstar at Supperclub Dev opens up about her shadows, the music industry, Eminem and new EP Bittersweet July –

CLick the image to view the interview <3


Nov 202013

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FRANK recently sat down with Dev to talk about her upcoming EP “Bittersweet July”, If she will ever work with The Cataracs again and her hopes for the upcoming year. Enjoy :)

So, tell us how you got started singing.
I was kind of a choir/band geek when I was younger, so technically, probably nine or ten, but as a profession, I guess around 2008 when I met The Cataracs, that’s how that started. I had a couple songs that I had recorded in my closet, and they found them on MySpace and that’s how we found each other. The rest is history. Me and The Cataracs tried to do our thing, and some of it worked! [Laughs]

Do you guys still do anything together, is there still anything coming out of that connection?
Yeah. We’re still on great terms, and they taught me pretty much everything as far as even being in the studio. They took me under their wing back in the day, so I have nothing but love for them, and I think there will be some stuff in the works from us this time around that I’m rooting for and I hope people enjoy.

Tell me about where you draw some influence from; I hear a lot of different influences in the stuff I’ve heard.
When I first started making music I was 18 or 19, and I’d moved from the small town I grew up in to LA. I was running around with The Cataracs, and I was having all these new experiences and all this new stuff, and I think that you could hear a lot of that earlier on the first album; it had this sort of youthful tone to it. Growing up, I listened to everything. The earliest stuff I remember listening to was The Doors and Alice In Chains, but my parents played The Fugees and No Doubt. They were always into lots of different genres, and all of that plays into what I do now. I enjoy being able to mix the balance between something more rhythmic and something sort of alternative. I love beautiful melodies, but I love stuff that’s more in your face. I think that balance is important to me, for every song I tell people to fuck off, I like to tell them I also have feelings [laughs].

I heard the track with Sage The Gemini and Hit Boy, how’d that come about?
I actually recorded that track like six months ago. I had a few sessions lined up with Hit Boy and Eric Bellinger, and it was a time when I was just trying to get in with new people and get new vibes and inspiration in the studio since I was only used to working with The Cataracs. That song came out of those sessions, and I’m really happy with it. It’s a lot of what people heard me doing the first time around, but it leans toward something that could be new, and my goal with the EP is to expand a little without losing too much. I want all the projects to have a growth project, I want them to grow as I do, but this song is a good start. I fuck with Hit Boy; he’s rad. It was a fun experience.

Tell us more about the EP.
The EP is called Bittersweet July. It’s coming out spring of 2014. I’ve got Hit Boy and Sage on it, I worked with Campa, I think there will be a little bit of The Cataracs on there, I worked a little with [Amanda from] MNDR, she’s rad, I really fuck with her, so there’s gonna be a good mixture. I’ve had a really interesting last year and a half, so I want people to hear my experiences, and hopefully it’ll be more personal than the last one, which is really what I want. I’m excited…excited to finally fucking put music out again!

You said it’s been a wild last year and a half, how do you want your next year and a half to go?
Fuck, man. I’d love to put out the EP in spring, and album in the fall, and I wanna get back on the road; I miss seeing my fans and hanging with them and doing festivals and all that shit. I wanna get back into that groove. I love performing, losing myself, and watching folks at the show lose themselves with me. I’m looking forward to getting back into that. So, hopefully a lot of touring.

Let’s have some fun. You can perform with one dead artist. Who and why?
Fuck…fuck man! Probably Freddie Mercury. I’d have to; he’s a legend. Fearless and theatrical, and….I don’t even have to talk about Freddie, he’s badass across the board. Definitely him.

Source: FRANK151

Nov 192013

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Dev recently spoke to idolator and gave an interesting insight into her recording sessions with Hit Boy and why she put out “Kiss It” first and a lot more.

Enjoy the interview below :)

Nov 152013


Dev has been a busy, busy woman. Last night Dev did a Facebook chat to promote her new single “Kiss It” and she was happy to give details on what we have to look forward to. Below is what she had to say..

On a possible music video for “Kiss It”


On when her EP “Bittersweet July” will be released


She also confirmed she will release an album after the EP


She spoke about her inspiration for “Kiss It”


Dev also told us what inspired the name “Bittersweet July”


Her favourite things about her upcoming EP “Bittersweet July”


On what it was like to work with MNDR, Hit boy and Campa


On working on a Spanish record.


If she will work with the Cataracs again


And what the content of “Bittersweet July” is like


Nov 012013



According to Rolling stone magazine DEV has announced the name of her upcoming EP as ”Bittersweet July’ set for release early 2014. This news comes after the release of the single ‘Kiss It’ featuring Sage the Gemini.


Rising pop starlet Dev has a new EP, Bittersweet July, set for release in early 2014, which the singer says marks a significant evolution from her 2011 debut album, The Night the Sun Came Up.

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