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Nov 192013

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Dev recently spoke to idolator and gave an interesting insight into her recording sessions with Hit Boy and why she put out “Kiss It” first and a lot more.

Enjoy the interview below :)

Nov 152013


Dev has been a busy, busy woman. Last night Dev did a Facebook chat to promote her new single “Kiss It” and she was happy to give details on what we have to look forward to. Below is what she had to say..

On a possible music video for “Kiss It”


On when her EP “Bittersweet July” will be released


She also confirmed she will release an album after the EP


She spoke about her inspiration for “Kiss It”


Dev also told us what inspired the name “Bittersweet July”


Her favourite things about her upcoming EP “Bittersweet July”


On what it was like to work with MNDR, Hit boy and Campa


On working on a Spanish record.


If she will work with the Cataracs again


And what the content of “Bittersweet July” is like


Nov 012013



According to Rolling stone magazine DEV has announced the name of her upcoming EP as ”Bittersweet July’ set for release early 2014. This news comes after the release of the single ‘Kiss It’ featuring Sage the Gemini.


Rising pop starlet Dev has a new EP, Bittersweet July, set for release in early 2014, which the singer says marks a significant evolution from her 2011 debut album, The Night the Sun Came Up.

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May 312013

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Hey babygoons, Remember when DEV made an appearance at the BMI Awards and was honored with receiving an award… Well here are the press interviews that we could find of her while she was on the red carpet ;) She talks that new new! when we can expect to hear her new singles AND when the new album will be released!!

Apr 132013

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Dev seems to be gearing up to release music. Like myself I’m sure you can’t wait but check out what she told “RU Entertained” about her upcoming projects ;)

“You may have heard Dev’s electronic dance songs with “In The Dark” and “Naked” but she is also a mother and performer. In an interview before her performance, she discussed what it is like to perform at colleges, juggling motherhood, her upcoming sophomore album and the new song “Crazy Talk” that she performed for the first time at Profstock.”

Q: What’s it like to perform at colleges in comparison to larger venues?

A: I love performing in colleges. It’s awesome to be able to sort of have a one-on-one relationship with kids and people that are working so hard to accomplish their goals. You know. They’re in school. They’re in college. They’re working their ass off. And I get to come for 30, 45 minutes [or] an hour and get their minds off of everything.

Q: What kind of performances can we expect from you tonight?

A: I’m going to play a lot of up-tempo, fun stuff, stuff that people know, hopefully [laughs]. And maybe a new song.

Q: Oh. Maybe a new song?

A: Yeah, that nobody’s really heard. So it might be fun.

Q: Will it be from your second album?

A: Yeah.

Q: So it’s never been heard before?

A: I’ve played it once but this will literally be my second time playing it. Maybe 100 people heard it. Maybe less [laughs].

Q: Wow. That’s exciting. So your daughter, Emilia, recently turned a year old.

A: She did. Aww. That’s cool that you know that.

Q: [laughs] So what can you tell me about what it’s like to juggle motherhood and performing at the same time?

A: It’s awesome, actually. I love it. I feel really fortunate that I get to have my family life, which I love obviously and do all of my music stuff. I feel very lucky. I love it. It’s awesome.

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Source: RU Entertainment

Apr 062013

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Ok some exciting news goons :D

Dev has told The Whit in an interview that took place moments ago that she has a surprise for the crowd at ProfStock 2013. She is on stage right now so we are waiting on to see what the surprise is and we will keep you posted :)

What do you think the surprise will be?

A new song? ;)

Apr 012013

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Name / Nickname: Kevin // Kevkinz
Age: 15
Location: Connecticut
Country: USA
URL (optional):
twitter: KEVisHOTT,
Website: http://warri0r.com/,

DWD: When did you find out about Dev and how?

KEVIN: Well to be honest, I knew nothing about DEV until I heard the song bass down low, and in the dark. I knew the song like a g6 but never really knew it was her singing the hook. So, then I did some research and I’m like woahh, dev is so amazing.

DWD: What made you become a fan of Dev?

KEVIN: The song in the dark made me become a major fan. But I never really listened to her music that much. But then one day I was in hot topic, like a while ago.. and the song lightspeed was playing. I had no clue who sang it until i heard iiiiitttttttttss the cataracs. Then I’m like omg this is DEV.. then I amediatly listened to all of her songs. #babygoon

DWD: What attracted you to Dev the most? i.e. her voice? style? etc

KEVIN: Her voice defiantly. It’s just so different, and sexy like. I just love it when she says iiitzzzzzzzz the cataracs. LOL! Her style is amazing too, it’s so unique! But the one thing i love about dev is her tattoos, like there so fucking sexy it’s insane. My favorite tat is the diamond. :)

DWD: Which is your favorite lyric from any song by Dev?

KEVIN: I have a ton…
from in the dark – open my body up and do some surgery & I’m only talking to you if you wanna surf my seas
bass down low- its like 1,2,3 okay can i get a lil’ goose in my oj?
in my trunk-  it was a late night, no scrabble game night!

DWD: Name your favourite track track either by dev or featuring Dev

KEVIN: This is a hard one, but if I had to pic one favorite.. it would be in the dark. I could never get sick of that one. But, I do love all of her songs off of her album! :)

DWD: Have you bought her album yet?

KEVIN: HELL YEAH! I did the pre-order. I was so stupid I should’ve got like the biggest pre-order package with that night the sun came up shirt and the lithograph. ughh now i want it soo bad. I only got like the 20 dollar one that came with the cd, poster, and stickers. Anyways, I have like 5 different tntscu cds. LOL like 3 US versions ones and 2 UK versions. I’m so addicted. xD

DWD: What do you think of Momma Goons album “The Night The Sun Came Up”?

KEVIN: It is pure amazing. Like I’m still freaking out about it a year later. Words can’t describe how good it is. Every song is perfect, and I’m just so happy that there is very slow songs and fast songs.

DWD: What are your favourite tracks from Dev’s album?

KEVIN: Basically all of them but.. ME, in my trunk, get away, breathe, lightspeed, in the dark, dont hurt it, kiss my lips, and naked. The other ones that I missed are good too!

DWD: What do you do to promote Dev?

KEVIN: I always tweet about her, and post her website on my twitter. I post pics of her and try to tell everyone I know about her music. I got all of my friends into dev, it’s like amazing.

DWD: Have you ever had the opportunity to meet Dev? Tell us what happened.

KEVIN: No, I haven’t. :/ I wish I did… When she tours again I’m going to try my hardest to get meet and greets or something. One thing that was amazing is that my brother and I made a scrapbook for her and threw it on stage at a six flags concert she was at, and she picks it up and said thanks. That was basically the most that ever happened to me. I wish dev would follow me.

About the site:

DWD: How did you find this site?

KEVIN: My looking for Dev fansites on google, DWD was the first to pop up! I’m so happy I did find this site, because if I didn’t I would be so lost!!

DWD: What do you think about the site?

KEVIN: It is amazing.. It is frequently updates, and has accurate information. I just love the site sooo much, I go on it every day! I’m obsessed with the layout too, who ever you got it from did an awesome job!

DWD: Do you have any comments or suggestions to make our fan site better?

KEVIN: To be honest, I think everything is just perfect! I really don’t know what more you could do to make it better. I know what it is like to have a site, because I have one.. and it’s a lot of work! So, keep up the good work!

Mar 132013

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Hey babygoons check out DEV’s latest interview while she attended 7th Annual “Stars & Strikes” Celebrity Bowling Event, her cuteness! *cant take it* <3

Jan 302013

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Hey babygoons, this is an old post we came across of DEV co hosting a radio show called HOT1047MAINE with Ryan Deelon and DJSourmilk it is absolutely HILARIOUS E.N.J.O.Y. she talks travelling to Brazil, Dubai, 2 chainz and Kanye West, Katy Perry and a bunch of other cool shit!

Jan 242013


Hey baby goons! we FINALLY have it!!! Our Exclusive interview via Skype with Devin! HUGE shoutout to Vera for editing the footage for us! xoxo Hope you all enjoy the video as much as we do! We cant wait for our next skype date with DEV <3 <3 <3