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Jun 032012

Hey Baby Goons check out Mama Goon performing at Kiss The Summer Hello, sporting her new hair do that we are all in LOVE with! Devin performed Bass Down Low and Kiss My Lips to an amazing crowd!
Then later had an interview where she talked her favourite websites and the history of “Like A G6″ and “Booty Bounce” check them out below ;)

Click Here to check out the images of Mama Goon at the Kiss The Summer HELLO 2012 Meet and Greet

Jun 012012

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Hey baby goons, check out this interview of Mama Goon on the phone with Jason on the Big J Show, she talks about her MTV Show, what happens when you feature on another artists track and a working on a new album this summer ;)

May 242012

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This is the second video to appear of Dev on GinaLeeFuentezTV. This one is more fun and lighthearted than the first. Can you guess what song dev is talking about in this video? ;) Check out dev laughing her head off the whole way through :) So cute

May 212012

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DM: Congratulations on your new baby! Was it hard to keep your style going towards the end of your pregnancy especially while you were performing? How did you do it?

DEV: Luckily I was working while I was pregnant so I had the inspiration to actually put makeup on and swag out my outfits. I work a lot with this women’s line called Hells Bells so while I was pregnant they were my best friends.

DM: Do you have any pointers for moms-to-be who don’t want to part with their style during maternity?

DEV: I actually didn’t spend one day in a maternity store. I went to American Apparel and bought cute leggings and put them with boys large t-shirts and t-shirt dresses.

DM: Where do you get inspiration for your look?

DEV: My mom and my sister. My sister makes her own clothes. Living in downtown LA is really awesome with the shops and the art. As cliche as it sounds, the city life is so inspiring.

DM: It’s hard finding shoes that are on trend and comfortable. Have you found any designers that you can wear while performing that are both?

DEV: Jeffrey Campbell. I have them on now and wear his wedges a lot. They’re good on stage and are really fierce. If I want to be super comfortable I’ll just wear Chucks.


May 192012

Dev recently did an interview with Best Fan and they actually asked her some interesting questions. In this interview dev talks Enrique getting on her track “Naked” , Taking time off from work and words that she would never say in a song. Enjoy :)

May 162012

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Dev went shopping with Michael Yo and spent time talking about her post pregnancy style and more. Check the video out below and check out how hot our girl Devin is looking…Wowzaaa! :)

May 152012

Amp radio recently caught up with Dev in honour of mothers day and our girl dev told them all about a HILARIOUS indecent that happen while she was pumping:

“So, I pumped to provide milk for my daughter, and let me tell you, I have definitely had to pump while in the car. Once my fiancé’s friend came up to me in the car to shake my hand and congratulate me on the baby, and I was mid-pump!! He had no idea what I was doing because I was covered up with my shirt, but if he only knew! And the funnier thing is, you guys probably know him too! But I’ll never tell. I was so in shock embarrassed!”

She spoke about Emilia Lovely and her fiance Jimmy

“Emilia has made me so confident, grown, and loving. She really has done so much for me and she has no clue. planning a Skype date with my fiance and babe, and hopefully when I get back, I get lots of chocolate!”

She also gave some solid advice to new mothers:

“Be healthy and take care of yourself, so you can take care of that babe. Sleep is key. Read up as much as you can on the net or even parenting books, but remember every situation is different. Accept help from family or friends, don’t feel bad, it can take a village to raise a baby. Figure out what works best for you and your babe. Love and support that baby as much as possible. It gets hard, but worth every difficult moment. You’re their hero, so keep pushing.”

Source:Amp Radio

May 152012

Dev was recently interview by Channel 933’s Sissanie and they talk about Devs new MTV special, Emilia Lovely and When she will be recording new music. Check out the interview below and also check out how hot Mama Goon is looking ;)

May 152012

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Dev is taking over SWRV TV this Wednesday at 6 to hit you guys up with her favourite music videos right now. Make sure to tune and watch the trailer below :)

May 112012

Refinery recently caught up with our girl Dev and this is what they had to say about her
“The music world is rife with cookie cutter pop stars and over-the-top artistes (hi Gaga!), but it’s rare to come across a musician who exudes both charisma and the all-important relatability — two things the charming Dev has in spades.

The 22-year-old singer, who you may recognize from her vocals on Far East Movement’s hit “Like A G6,” or her only solo single “In The Dark,” is insanely talented, gorgeous, and one of the most down-to-earth stars we’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing. After just a few minutes in her company, she easily made it onto our “Celebs We’d Like To Grab A Beer With” list.

We have a hunch that it was that likability factor — coupled with her amazing talent and unique beauty look, of course— that prompted CK One to snap Dev up as a “color tastemaker” for the re-launch of their makeup line. We sat down with the star to learn a bit more about her style, her first album, and why she’s a wiz with an eye pencil.”

They also interviewed her and talked about style
“I grew up really influenced by rock ‘n’ roll, and grunge. When I was 10, I thought I was like Kurt Cobain, and you really couldn’t tell me any different. Then I grew up and I started with Gwen Stefani — I remember my parents bought me the No Doubt album when I was like nine. I remember them buying me the Eminem album, and me getting more into hip-hop when I was 12, 13 and in high school. So, I like to infuse the influence of hip-hop culture and street culture, with a little bit of that raw undertone. Imperfection is what’s really cool to me. Even when I’m performing live, I like when kids see me mess up sometimes, or I like when my voice cracks — that’s what I celebrated when I’d go watch my favorite bands. That little bit of imperfection.”

How things have changed since she released her debut album “The Night The Sun Came Up”

“I went on my first sort of headlining tour, so I do all of my own venues with these great light set-ups, I have background singers, and all these props — I’m not used to that at all. I have ‘in ears’ now, so I can hear myself when I sing. You know, all that cool stuff. So it’s changed a little bit. I just had a baby [a daughter named Emilia Lovely], so that kind of added to the change, but everything’s definitely been good. So nothing too hectic yet.”

And Some of her must have beauty products
“Right now I’m using this great hair product called Night Rider by Kevin Murphy. It a creamy paste and it holds my hair while I’m onstage, because I sweat a lot — that’s so gross, but I get really sweaty — so it holds it really nice. I love CK One’s dual bronzer, because when I’ve been stuck on a bus and I haven’t been in the sun, I look crazy without it. It makes me all of a sudden look happy, and tan, and pretty. I like to contour with it — I have really high cheekbones. I don’t know where they come from, but they’re great, so I like to play with those. For my skin, I actually use Cetaphil. I use the cleanser and the moisturizer twice a day, every day and night, and it works.”