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Jun 182012

Check out this cool new interview of Dev with Lady Gunn TV. They talk about the process of making The Night The Sun Came Up, Dev’s tattoo sleeve and her dad taking her for her first tattoo and whats in store for the next year :) Watch out for the random dance breaks as well there hilarious

Jun 042012

Hey baby goons, check out Mama Goon’s interview with Fusion Radio, she talks, where her name came from, the history of how she was discovered and standing up against bullying ;)

We caught up with her during a recent appearance in our home state to check out her “Booty Bounce!”

Jerry Nunn: Hi, Dev. Where did you beautiful name from?

Dev: Oh, that’s cute. My mom named me after a model. Her name was Devin.

JN: And your middle name is Star.

Dev: My parents went to too many Grateful Dead concerts I think. My middle name is Star, my sister’s is Sol and other one is Luna so Star, Sun Moon.

JN: That is adorable. You are from California?

Dev: Yes, Northern California.

JN: The Cataracs discovered you?

Dev: Yes, on Myspace. I had these really weird songs that I made on my MacBook. They were doing their own thing but they had a song on the radio. It was cool because they were regular kids like me but they were making songs for the radio.

We decided to work together and it went from there I guess.

JN: You give them lots of shout outs in your songs.

Dev: Yes, of course. I always do it. They are like my brothers.

JN: You are paying homage to them.

Dev: Exactly.

JN: What was it like when “Like a G6” first came on the radio?

Dev: When “G6” blew up it was awesome. My parents called me and said, “You finally have one of those songs that is annoying on the radio, so you have made it!” It was awesome. It was also like a whirlwind because I was just a kid. I didn’t have any money and was living with my bros in a frat house. Then all of a sudden I was on the George Lopez show and Jay Leno. It was crazy but a lot of fun.

JN: “In the Dark” was on Dancing With the Stars.

DEV: It was awesome.

JN: How did “Dev is hot” get started?

DEV: It was a joke that me and one of my managers said a long time ago then turned into some of the things I still use it on things today. It is ignorant but fun. We are trying to show girls that they are hot!

JN: You use it on Twitter too.

DEV: @Devishot.

JN: You are a big Twitter person. I have seen your posts.

DEV: I do. I like Twitter. It’s awesome.

JN: I read your album The Night the Sun Came Up was made in Costa Rica. I love that place. What area?

DEV: Santa Theresa. We spent three weeks in a beautiful beach house. We made the album in a little cardboard box in one of the other rooms. We set up camp. I think it added a really cool flare to the album. I am really happy that I got to experience all of that

Click Here to read More of this interview

May 252012

Written by Luis // filled under Dev,DWD Update,New music,Remix,The Night The Sun Came Up

A new remix has leaked online of Dev’s “In My Trunk” with up and coming rapper 2chainz spitting a verse on it. So the question is…is “In My Trunk” the next single? I always said this and “Lightspeed” would make perfect singles so i aint even mad :) What are your thoughts on it baby g’s ? :)

May 192012

Dev recently did an interview with Best Fan and they actually asked her some interesting questions. In this interview dev talks Enrique getting on her track “Naked” , Taking time off from work and words that she would never say in a song. Enjoy :)

May 182012

Ok guys its competition time :) If you head on over to Good Cleans Funs Twitter or FB page will will see that they are running a competition for baby goons to win a signed copy of Dev’s album “The Night The Sun Came Up”. Rad right? Well all you have to do is a like a photo of them holding the album on there FaceBook page and ReTweet one of there tweets on twitter. You know what to do so go go go!! Best of luck to everyone :)

Good Clean Fun TV’s Twitter

Good Clean Fun TV’s Facebook

May 112012

Refinery recently caught up with our girl Dev and this is what they had to say about her
“The music world is rife with cookie cutter pop stars and over-the-top artistes (hi Gaga!), but it’s rare to come across a musician who exudes both charisma and the all-important relatability — two things the charming Dev has in spades.

The 22-year-old singer, who you may recognize from her vocals on Far East Movement’s hit “Like A G6,” or her only solo single “In The Dark,” is insanely talented, gorgeous, and one of the most down-to-earth stars we’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing. After just a few minutes in her company, she easily made it onto our “Celebs We’d Like To Grab A Beer With” list.

We have a hunch that it was that likability factor — coupled with her amazing talent and unique beauty look, of course— that prompted CK One to snap Dev up as a “color tastemaker” for the re-launch of their makeup line. We sat down with the star to learn a bit more about her style, her first album, and why she’s a wiz with an eye pencil.”

They also interviewed her and talked about style
“I grew up really influenced by rock ‘n’ roll, and grunge. When I was 10, I thought I was like Kurt Cobain, and you really couldn’t tell me any different. Then I grew up and I started with Gwen Stefani — I remember my parents bought me the No Doubt album when I was like nine. I remember them buying me the Eminem album, and me getting more into hip-hop when I was 12, 13 and in high school. So, I like to infuse the influence of hip-hop culture and street culture, with a little bit of that raw undertone. Imperfection is what’s really cool to me. Even when I’m performing live, I like when kids see me mess up sometimes, or I like when my voice cracks — that’s what I celebrated when I’d go watch my favorite bands. That little bit of imperfection.”

How things have changed since she released her debut album “The Night The Sun Came Up”

“I went on my first sort of headlining tour, so I do all of my own venues with these great light set-ups, I have background singers, and all these props — I’m not used to that at all. I have ‘in ears’ now, so I can hear myself when I sing. You know, all that cool stuff. So it’s changed a little bit. I just had a baby [a daughter named Emilia Lovely], so that kind of added to the change, but everything’s definitely been good. So nothing too hectic yet.”

And Some of her must have beauty products
“Right now I’m using this great hair product called Night Rider by Kevin Murphy. It a creamy paste and it holds my hair while I’m onstage, because I sweat a lot — that’s so gross, but I get really sweaty — so it holds it really nice. I love CK One’s dual bronzer, because when I’ve been stuck on a bus and I haven’t been in the sun, I look crazy without it. It makes me all of a sudden look happy, and tan, and pretty. I like to contour with it — I have really high cheekbones. I don’t know where they come from, but they’re great, so I like to play with those. For my skin, I actually use Cetaphil. I use the cleanser and the moisturizer twice a day, every day and night, and it works.”


Apr 272012

Dev discusses ”In The Dark”, Kesha and Enrique Iglesias ahead of her Allentown performance.

On Enrique: “we thought it would be great to have a male vocal,”. “Iglesias was her first choice for the song, and he enthusiastically agreed to do it, recording his part just before he left on a major tour in November,”
“He thought the song was good and really did us that favor,”

On The Night The Sun Came Up: “I wouldn’t have been able to tour,”. “Having it drop seven months later isn’t bad at all — all kids know how to download stuff nowadays.”

On Emilia: “Emilia is all settled up on the bus, too, watching skate videos with Jimmy,”. She tweeted on April 1. “She’s the coolest (expletive) kid.” “She travels everywhere with me,”. “I was obviously going to bring her into my life.”

On Kesha comparisons: “Ke$ha makes more of these electronic dance songs,”. “I definitely have electronic-influenced records, but I think they’ll get surprised that I sing ballads. It’s all very rhythmic and hip-hop influenced.”
“It’s not a bad comparison,”. “That’s what people do; they don’t really know me yet.”

Source: LeighValleyLive

Apr 242012

Dev was interview by Karmaloop TV and it is one of the dopest interviews because we get hella amount of new information including when Dev is coming to the UK, when she will be re-releasing The Night The Sun Came Up and her Iggy Azalea collaboration. She even shouts out to @DEV4IRELAND yaaaaay :) Check it out this interview is amazing :D

Apr 122012

Dev spoke to Univision news recently over the phone. She spoke about many different topics such as
Jimmys role in helping her juggle motherhood and a career

“my fiancé plays Mr. Mom a lot; he has my back and supports me and does whatever he can to help, and that means a lot. In the middle of the night, he will wake up with her because I’ll have to do photo shoots or shows the next day.”

What “The Night The Sun Came Up” means

“The album is like my little fairytale story; my rags to almost-riches. I’m from a really small town [Manteca, Californica] and I was working a 9-to-5 and now I’m on a big massive tour bus, playing these shows. I wanted a title that represented that turning of a leaf – a very fairytale-esque title.”

And singing Emilia Lovely to sleep

“Sometimes I do. It’s cool, she really likes music, which is perfect.”

Source: Univion News

Apr 122012

Devin and Lisa (Devs hot mama) were interviewed by Recordnet.com and opened up about everything thats been happpening with Devs career, Emilia Lovely and Devs journey so far.

This is some of what lisa had to say about her daughter Dev:

And she’s actually a really good business woman. I’m so proud of her. At 22, she can go into a (record company) boardroom and really take control. “I get emotional. I tear up every time I see her with the baby. I’m proud of her. Very proud”

Heres what Devin had to say about touring so far:

“Since my first live show, I’ve been envisioning this, Everything. The props, lighting, back-up singers. A little DJ. It’s all finally coming together. It’s awesome. I have full creative control to make it my little fairy tale.”

About her homecoming defies imagining, too:

“Oh, I’m excited, It’s awesome. It’s really the coolest. It excites me to be playing back in the 209.”

About her “rags-to-almost-riches” story of this “small-town girl”- the inspiration for “Getaway,” a song on “The Night the Sun Came Up,” her debut CD that was released on March 27 – has similar qualities.

“I wanted to reflect very much the fairy-tale, rags-to-almost-riches story,” Tailes said. “Turning-of-the-leaf situations. I’m happy with it.”

While attending Delta College in 2008, DEV and a friend recorded a “super-weird, super-different” version of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.” Just for fun. They uploaded it to MySpace.

The album mixes bright, bouncy dance-pop with hip-hop rhythms, pure-pop tunes (think Katy Perry, Regina Spektor), an introspective semi-ballad (“Shadows”); a sped-up baby voice (“In My Trunk”); and collaborations with Enrique Iglesias (“Naked,” her current single) and rapper Fabolous (“Kiss My Lips”).

“Getaway,” the first of its 11 songs, refers to her transition from Manteca, and a job at an Old Navy store, to Los Angeles. The slightly spiteful “ME!” explores the journey from “Dev who?” to “Dev-in-demand.”

Her label – Universal Republic – is powerful (Winehouse, Drake, Florence Welch, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, “The Hunger Games”). She’s performed and recorded hits with the Cataracs and Far East Movement.

A Rolling Stone magazine critic awarded her album 3 1/2 stars. Just like Madonna’s “MDNA.”

What DEV had to say about Emilia:

“She’s great,” Tailes said of Emelia. “It’s been a good experience so far. I’m a musician and I wanna be a mom. I’m stubborn as hell. I’ll somehow figure out how to do both of them.”

Despite some “push back” from fans because her poppier-sounding CD is on a huge corporate label – Tailes writes lyrics and the Cataracs create the beats and sonic structure – Tailes is undeterred.

She’s no flavor-of-the-musical-month, either.

“I don’t have a life outside of this,” said Tailes, who used the baby delay to “tweak a few things” on the CD. “I’ve never worked as hard. It’s beautiful that I get to do this. There are pros and cons to everything. I love it. What a fun journey.”

Though it’s “first things first,” Tailes is “open to so much”: side roads into a movie. “That would be kind of rad. The big leagues”; clothing design, cosmetics and voicing a cartoon character: “I wanna play a bird. A Grammy would be cool.”

Though she’s recorded platinum-selling songs, Tailes doesn’t wear glass slippers.

“The ‘Cinderella’ thing,” she said. “They hear you on the radio and think you’re a millionaire. Overnight. I’ve worked hard for things.”

“The Night the Sun Came Up” relates to her rise.

“These are stories I needed to tell,” Tailes said. “Things that very much made it happen. Family support. The Cataracs. I’ve been surrounded by people who keep me strong and grounded. At first, I’d call back home crying. I wasn’t making money. I didn’t like begging.

Source: RecordNet