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Aug 102012

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Refinery29 had the pleasure of spending a whole day with our Mama Goon – Dev….Well 13+ Hours to be more exact and this is what they had to say about there time with Devin

“In the midst of the Lollapalooza craziness last Saturday, Refinery29 got the exclusive and spent an entire day and night with indie-pop star (and new face of CK One color cosmetics) Dev.

We followed the “Like A G6″ songstress from the fan-packed product launch at the Ulta on State Street to the “Rock the Vote Nights” concert (alongside Kelly Osbourne, no less) and after-party at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago. Along with getting to know the down-to-earth singer, we tracked her clothing, hair, and makeup looks, which included covetable Christian Louboutins and (believe it or not) a midday haircut.”

Refinery29 continued by asking dev questions about her style, make up and getting into character.

Casual Wear: “jeans, Vans, and street wear T-shirts from her fiancé’s (a professional skater) closet.”

Going Out: “dresses and heels all the way.”

Favorite Designers: “Simone Rocha and Hells Bells.”

Favorite Stores: “Cinema and Virgo Boutique (vintage) in downtown L.A.”

How long does it take you to get ready for an event or concert?
“It usually takes me about an hour and a half for wardrobe, makeup, and hair. I usually do my own makeup though! I almost always have.”

Anything else in your closet that you can’t live without?
“I would have to say this really cool vintage Chanel jacket my fiancé just bought me. I love mixing in classic pieces.”

What are your favorite products from the CK One line?
“I love the three-in-one face makeup. I literally wear it every day, whether I’m at home or performing. It’s full-coverage without feeling cakey — that’s my big thing. I also don’t like to keep reapplying, so that’s what’s cool about it, too. I also really love the gel duo eyebrow pencils and the double-ended eyeliner. I love eyeliner.”

Any beauty secrets you live by?
“It’s definitely hard being on the road all the time and have to wear a lot of makeup on stage, but my mom drilled it into my head how important it is to wash your face every night — I’m obsessed with makeup wipes. I also drink a lot of water to keep my skin looking hydrated.”

How do you deal with all the attention from your fans?
“I embrace it. We celebrate each other. I love it. They like me, and I like them because they like me. We enjoy the same stuff.”

It seems as though you are constantly reinventing yourself through different hairstyles and colors. What’s the deal?
“I get bored easily. I love changing it up. I think one of the best things about being a female is playing up your makeup, clothes, and hair. We can evolve every day.”

Congrats on getting engaged! When’s the big day?
“We haven’t set a date, hopefully soon. While it seems kind of backwards, I did just purchase my wedding dress. It’s cream chiffon with black embroidery. Classic but a little bit untraditional, which I like.”

Have you ever had any major beauty blunders?
“Oh, yes! The first time I ever tried bleaching my hair in high school. I did it myself and didn’t leave it on long enough — so i’m sure you know how that goes. My hair was orange. I looked crazy!”

You’re so sugary sweet. How do you get into character to prepare for some of your more racier songs?
It’s funny… it’s like the makeup thing. I was always sort of a tomboy and a bit more reserved growing up. When I became a woman — especially when I became a mother — I felt like embracing all of my womanness. I feel sexy singing sexy songs. In turn, women feel sexy listening to my songs, so I guess we’re all feeling sexy together!”

They also took pictures of there time wit dev and created a slideshow with commentary which you can check out by clicking the link below.

Source: Refinery29

Refinery29′s Dev Slideshow

Aug 072012

DEV revealed her top beauty rule to Bella Beauty at the CK one color lounge at Lollapalooza, along with the key to finding your own personal style. See Dev’s personality and creativity unfold in the video below.

Aug 042012

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Hey baby goons, check out the interview Mama Goon had at Lollapalooza backstage with Billboard

Heres Devin’s portrait at Lollapalooza! <3 <3

Aug 012012

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Hey baby goons check out our Mama Goons latest interiew with Glossed and Found, where she explains her style andmake up must haves and her performance at Lollapalooza

DEV’s Favourite CK ONE Must have cosmetics:


G & F: What inspires your music?
DEV: My music style is very electronic based but I like to pull from different genres.I had a lot of inspirations for my debut album: I was listening to a lot of Drake and Radiohead,which are two opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m inspired whether it’s from country or from hip-hop—I like to pull them all together but create a sort of electronic sound.

G & F: What about your style—does music inspire that?
DEV: I’m such an inspiration junky, and I change my mind almost every day. It can be stuff on the street. I live in downtown Los Angeles so it’s really fun for me to do all of my styling and music down there. I like blogs, books, certain foods; I will pull inspiration from anything—that’s the fun of being able to create. I express myself through my clothes and makeup every day. As a woman, that’s an awesome feeling.

G & F: What is your philosophy on beauty?
DEV: Freedom of self-expression is a beautiful thing; and beauty is a great tool for that. Whether I’m in a bright mood or a dark mood, whether I feel sexy or fearless, make up definitely helps me play it up.

G & F: Can you give us any hints on your look for Lollapalooza?
DEV: My signature make-up looks are a heavy cat eye and red lip, or a sexy smokey eye look—using the ck one powder eyeshadow quad in smoking. I will probably do some variation of one of these looks.

G & F: Speaking of Lollapalooza, who are you excited to see play?
DEV: I can’t wait to see Santigold!

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Source: Glossed And Found

Jul 292012

Hey baby goons, its HERE! Your first look at DEV’s simply beautiful music video for “ME”, This video was shot and directed by Jimmy Gorecki and Chris Mulhern, so full credit goes to them! LIKE it, SHARE it, LOVE it!

Jul 212012

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Hey baby goons, the title says it ALL, DEV is holding a LIVE twitter chat session with us baby goons, all you have to do is tag #VoteDev to join! Its that simple! This has been comfirmed by Universal Republic on Twitter

This is also a brilliant opportunity for us to succeed in getting “VOTEDEV” as a trending topic! so go hard or go home!

Jul 212012

Hey baby goons, I hope your all still voting for our Mama Goon EVERY DAY! to win the cover for the Rolling Stones women who rock issue! If you havent voted today yet, then simply vote 5 stars right here… right NOW

Jul 212012

Hey baby goons, check out this HILARIOUS interview that Mama Goon had with Special Ed, she talks, TNTSCU album, Emilia! <3 lol “mommy was a bad bitch” Laughing our ass off!!

Jul 212012

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Hey baby goons, check out DEV and Enriques music video “On Trial” and see what there verdict was! ;)

Jul 192012

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Hey baby goons, check out this latest interview Mama Goon had with Pop Matters, where they fired 20 questions at her, read below to see what she had to say ;)

Now, touring at numerous radio events during the summer, the ever-busy artist took some time to sit down with PopMatters and answering our 20 Questions, here revealing a strong affinity for Brand New and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, her fiance’s Mickey Mouse socks, and why she almost made it as a champion swimmer . . .

Pop Matters: The latest book or movie that made you cry?

DEV: I’m very emotionally involved in all of Janet Fitch’s books. She has such a beautiful and interesting way with words. I’ve actually read her books a few times each; I’m addicted.

Pop Matters: The fictional character most like you?

DEV: The main fairy girl from FernGully. Or Ducky from The Land Before Time. When I picture myself being a fictional character I imagine myself as them. They’re sick. Very fantasy and cute.

Pop Matters: The greatest album, ever?

DEV: This is a crazy question. I’d be here all day, there’s too many. My debut album is pretty amazing. Probably Brand New’s The God and the Devil are Raging Inside Me. I’ve recently been listening to this album again, it was my favorite in high school. The lyrics and melodies and vocal harmonies are all too good. It’s a very emotional album but it soothes me.

Pop Matters: Star Trek or Star Wars?

DEV: I was never really in too deep with these two. I’d say Star Wars. The characters were way more fantasy-like and magical to me. I’m into that type of shit.

Pop Matters: Your ideal brain food?

DEV: Well, music, I listen to all genres across the board, I played the flute for ten years, I love music. Live shows. Live shows with great production, live shows with the worst grimiest production. I like festivals. I grew up going to Warped Tour and Rock the Bells, I remember being 13 and being so inspired watching my favorite artists live. Food. I love Mexican food. My dad’s side of the family is all Mexican, so I’ve been fortunately spoiled with the best homemade Mexican food. I also love books and fashion. Traveling offers a lot of fashion inspiration for me. Different cities, and people, and cultures. I get inspired a lot. Art, I like to paint with pastels, painting always offered a cool outlet—not too many people know my love for painting.

Pop Matters: You’re proud of this accomplishment, but why?

DEV: Accomplishments are always something to be proud of, right? I’ve been able to experience and play around a lot with music, clothes, and art, and the fact that I have created “accomplishments” out of my love for those things is rad as fuck.

Pop Matters: You want to be remembered for . . . ?

DEV: For loving my art, for loving music. I want people to remember my love and appreciation for being able to create freely. Inspiring others. Inspiring other women. In an artistic way, from a mother’s stand point; from a creative stand point. I never really expected, growing up, that anyone would ever ask me these types of questions or give a fuck about my answers, so it’s really cool for me. Even if that sounds vague, just knowing I could inspire others to love themselves, that’s enough. When I think back to artists I loved that have passed, I get inspired to be bad ass like them. I hope to do the same to kids. Inspire them to be brave, fearless, comfortable, and creative.

Pop Matters: Of those who’ve come before, the most inspirational are?

DEV: Selena. Kurt Cobain. Amy Winehouse. Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison. Bob Marley. Johnny Cash. Audrey Hepburn.

Pop Matters: The creative masterpiece you wish bore your signature?

DEV: Anything Alexander McQueen. The album Fever to Tell by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Pop Matters: Your hidden talents . . . ?

DEV: I was a swimmer for 14 years. I love being able to have that as a talent and a therapeutic thing. I love to swim. I played the flute for 10 years. I can sew. I’m really good at getting wine stains out of t-shirts. And I’m great at eating chocolate.

Pop Matters: The best piece of advice you actually followed?

DEV: Anything out of my dad’s mouth. He’s insane, but brilliant. He’s celebrated my success with me and also prepared me for failure. He always made sure I was comfortable enough with myself just in case I do fail; when I do fail, it’s okay. And I really appreciate that.

Pop Matters: The best thing you ever bought, stole, or borrowed?

DEV: I recently bought a vintage Chanel belt that I’m very proud to own, and I hope my daughter will love it! It’s hers as soon as it fits her. It’s thick black leather with gold Chanel buckles all around it, I never thought I’d have such a cool piece [laughs].

Pop Matters: You feel best in Armani or Levi’s or . . . ?

DEV: Levi’s. I like boutique shopping, vintage spots, Opening Ceremony, American Rag, Supreme, Hellz-Bellz, even like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, Virgo and Cinema. Just depends on my mood, of course.

Pop Matters: Your dinner guest at the Ritz would be?

DEV: Danny Brown. He seems like he’d be a great conversationalist. I enjoy his music and personal style, his haircut is rad, and his missing tooth. I’d invite my DJ, DJ Sourmilk, my fiancé Jimmy Gorecki, and Danny Brown. However I’d prefer the taco truck on the corner of Grand and Olympic in downtown LA.

Pop Matters: Time travel: where, when, and why?

DEV: I like where I’m at now, I’d love to travel to the past, but women like me weren’t accepted, I couldn’t really create and have tattoos and shit, unless maybe I was a pirate. I’d time travel back to the 1700s and become a pirate, but that also seems like a very insane lifestyle. So yeah, I’m good.

Pop Matters: Stress management: hit man, spa vacation, or Prozac?

DEV: Spa vacation all day. In Hawaii, with champagne and ice cream.

Pop Matters: Essential to life: coffee, vodka, cigarettes, chocolate, or . . . ?

DEV: Coffee for sure. I stay drinking coffee all day. I also need juice from Nature Wellness in LA. Toothpaste, deodorant, my finance’s Mickey Mouse sock—they’re my favorite. My daughter, and the Real Housewives shows, and love and hip-hop. I’d also need my iPod. And cereal, I love cereal.

Pop Matters: Environ of choice: city or country, and where on the map?

DEV: There are so many places I have yet to visit. For now I love California and Brazil. But California is home, and home is where I can sleep in with my family in a big bed hidden in our secret world and write good music.

Pop Matters: What do you want to say to the leader of your country?

DEV: If I was 45 and single, I’d be all over that! (Haha, JK Jimmy if you’re reading this.) I’d give him props for doing his thing and tell him I voted for him and I think it’s rad he has a basketball court at the White House.

Pop Matters: Last but certainly not least, what are you working on, now?

DEV: A new album. I’m taking the summer off to write and record. I have so much cool shit in my notebooks, I can’t wait to turn them into songs. I’ve experienced so much these past few years with my child, touring, meeting tons of new people, I can’t wait to get in the studio. I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin, so this shall be awesome.

Source: Pop Matters