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Sep 012012

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News has been a bit dry lately with Devin taking some time off to record and write some new stuff but this new feature just dropped. Nice song, it should tide the baby goons over for a little bit while we wait for more new dev music :) Enjoy

Aug 162012

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Dev recently sat down with Teen Vogue and they spoke about different topics including style, her influences and hair styles. Enjoy :)

Who’s influenced your career the most?
It depends. Definitely my family and the singer Karen O of the band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love her.

If you could go back in time and tell your teenage self one thing, what would it be?
To trust myself a little bit more. I always felt really awkward and now I look back and realize I was so cool!

Do you have any advice for teens who would like to break into the entertainment industry?
Stay close to your family, work hard, and be true to yourself.

How would you describe your personal style?
It changes every day. I get to play around a lot. I get a lot of inspiration from the ’70s and I like a little big of edge and imperfection. That gives you character.

What type of makeup do you like to wear on stage?
I wear more makeup than I would normally when I’m on stage. I apply foundation, tons of eyeliner, and a heavy brow.

What has been your favorite hair cut or color you’ve ever tried?
I had mohawk at some point, which I loved, and now I have a bleached head! I’ve never bleached my whole head before. I’ve joined the blonde club and it’s fun.

What kind of fragrances do you like?
I have two younger sisters, fourteen and seventeen, and I steal what they wear or we’ll all trade.

Do you have a message you’d like to send to teens?
I would want to tell them to be confident, stay confident, and have fun. Don’t worry about what anyone else says or thinks. Just be proud of who you are and work it!

Source: Teen Vogue

Aug 112012

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Super produced Timbaland has recently released a HOT track with Dev called “Break Ya Back”. In this interview he talks about adding someone sexy, new and unpredictable to “Break Ya Back” to give it the feel he wanted it to have. Skip to 2:55 to hear him talk about DEV and his track “Break Ya Back”

Aug 112012

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On the red carpet for the Young hollywood awards Carly Steel interviewed Dev and asked her about the difference between her style on stage and off stage and they also spoke about her many/ever changing hairstyles. Enjoy :)

Aug 102012

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As you all know Dev has an account on video blog website “Keek” and she likes to upload random but hella cute videos of herself from time to time. Check out devs new short but sweet keek videos below and in the second video check out dev giving the baby goons a listen to a new unreleased track :)

Aug 10, 2012 | ????<333hiiiiiimyfriends by devishot on Keek.com

Aug 10, 2012 | soon! #demolyfe why not by devishot on Keek.com

Aug 102012

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Refinery29 had the pleasure of spending a whole day with our Mama Goon – Dev….Well 13+ Hours to be more exact and this is what they had to say about there time with Devin

“In the midst of the Lollapalooza craziness last Saturday, Refinery29 got the exclusive and spent an entire day and night with indie-pop star (and new face of CK One color cosmetics) Dev.

We followed the “Like A G6″ songstress from the fan-packed product launch at the Ulta on State Street to the “Rock the Vote Nights” concert (alongside Kelly Osbourne, no less) and after-party at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago. Along with getting to know the down-to-earth singer, we tracked her clothing, hair, and makeup looks, which included covetable Christian Louboutins and (believe it or not) a midday haircut.”

Refinery29 continued by asking dev questions about her style, make up and getting into character.

Casual Wear: “jeans, Vans, and street wear T-shirts from her fiancé’s (a professional skater) closet.”

Going Out: “dresses and heels all the way.”

Favorite Designers: “Simone Rocha and Hells Bells.”

Favorite Stores: “Cinema and Virgo Boutique (vintage) in downtown L.A.”

How long does it take you to get ready for an event or concert?
“It usually takes me about an hour and a half for wardrobe, makeup, and hair. I usually do my own makeup though! I almost always have.”

Anything else in your closet that you can’t live without?
“I would have to say this really cool vintage Chanel jacket my fiancé just bought me. I love mixing in classic pieces.”

What are your favorite products from the CK One line?
“I love the three-in-one face makeup. I literally wear it every day, whether I’m at home or performing. It’s full-coverage without feeling cakey — that’s my big thing. I also don’t like to keep reapplying, so that’s what’s cool about it, too. I also really love the gel duo eyebrow pencils and the double-ended eyeliner. I love eyeliner.”

Any beauty secrets you live by?
“It’s definitely hard being on the road all the time and have to wear a lot of makeup on stage, but my mom drilled it into my head how important it is to wash your face every night — I’m obsessed with makeup wipes. I also drink a lot of water to keep my skin looking hydrated.”

How do you deal with all the attention from your fans?
“I embrace it. We celebrate each other. I love it. They like me, and I like them because they like me. We enjoy the same stuff.”

It seems as though you are constantly reinventing yourself through different hairstyles and colors. What’s the deal?
“I get bored easily. I love changing it up. I think one of the best things about being a female is playing up your makeup, clothes, and hair. We can evolve every day.”

Congrats on getting engaged! When’s the big day?
“We haven’t set a date, hopefully soon. While it seems kind of backwards, I did just purchase my wedding dress. It’s cream chiffon with black embroidery. Classic but a little bit untraditional, which I like.”

Have you ever had any major beauty blunders?
“Oh, yes! The first time I ever tried bleaching my hair in high school. I did it myself and didn’t leave it on long enough — so i’m sure you know how that goes. My hair was orange. I looked crazy!”

You’re so sugary sweet. How do you get into character to prepare for some of your more racier songs?
It’s funny… it’s like the makeup thing. I was always sort of a tomboy and a bit more reserved growing up. When I became a woman — especially when I became a mother — I felt like embracing all of my womanness. I feel sexy singing sexy songs. In turn, women feel sexy listening to my songs, so I guess we’re all feeling sexy together!”

They also took pictures of there time wit dev and created a slideshow with commentary which you can check out by clicking the link below.

Source: Refinery29

Refinery29′s Dev Slideshow

Aug 072012

DEV revealed her top beauty rule to Bella Beauty at the CK one color lounge at Lollapalooza, along with the key to finding your own personal style. See Dev’s personality and creativity unfold in the video below.

Aug 042012

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Hey baby goons, check out the interview Mama Goon had at Lollapalooza backstage with Billboard

Heres Devin’s portrait at Lollapalooza! <3 <3

Aug 012012

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Hey baby goons check out our Mama Goons latest interiew with Glossed and Found, where she explains her style andmake up must haves and her performance at Lollapalooza

DEV’s Favourite CK ONE Must have cosmetics:


G & F: What inspires your music?
DEV: My music style is very electronic based but I like to pull from different genres.I had a lot of inspirations for my debut album: I was listening to a lot of Drake and Radiohead,which are two opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m inspired whether it’s from country or from hip-hop—I like to pull them all together but create a sort of electronic sound.

G & F: What about your style—does music inspire that?
DEV: I’m such an inspiration junky, and I change my mind almost every day. It can be stuff on the street. I live in downtown Los Angeles so it’s really fun for me to do all of my styling and music down there. I like blogs, books, certain foods; I will pull inspiration from anything—that’s the fun of being able to create. I express myself through my clothes and makeup every day. As a woman, that’s an awesome feeling.

G & F: What is your philosophy on beauty?
DEV: Freedom of self-expression is a beautiful thing; and beauty is a great tool for that. Whether I’m in a bright mood or a dark mood, whether I feel sexy or fearless, make up definitely helps me play it up.

G & F: Can you give us any hints on your look for Lollapalooza?
DEV: My signature make-up looks are a heavy cat eye and red lip, or a sexy smokey eye look—using the ck one powder eyeshadow quad in smoking. I will probably do some variation of one of these looks.

G & F: Speaking of Lollapalooza, who are you excited to see play?
DEV: I can’t wait to see Santigold!

Like G&F on Facebook and have a chance to meet Dev this Friday. Simply Click here for more information

Source: Glossed And Found

Jul 292012

Hey baby goons, its HERE! Your first look at DEV’s simply beautiful music video for “ME”, This video was shot and directed by Jimmy Gorecki and Chris Mulhern, so full credit goes to them! LIKE it, SHARE it, LOVE it!