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Jun 232012

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Hey babygoons, weve got some exciting news to reveal to you all, a few days ago Mama Goon replied to Luis who is apart of our DWD Family, agreeing to give us an Exclusive interview with her!!! So were incredibly excited! However as usual, we want all the baby goons to participate! So heres the deal, if any of you have a question for DEV that you would like us to include in our interview with her, then please feel free, we will be picking her brain about the new album, her beautiful family of course, and we will be hitting her up with a few random questions aswell!
So if you want to submit a question, either add a comment below with your question on this post or you can tweet it to either Me (Bibi) Luis or our newest addition to our fam kaite! ;)

When we have done the interview with Mama Goon, we will post it as soon as we get our Brand New Layout ;) cant wait!

Jun 222012

Our mama goon is up for a chance to be on the cover of rollingstones magazine. Baby goons have the power to make it happen so lets step up to the plate :) Watch the video below of dev asking us to vote for her…so cute :)

Rolling Stones Magazine: VOTE DEV

Jun 182012

Check out this cool new interview of Dev with Lady Gunn TV. They talk about the process of making The Night The Sun Came Up, Dev’s tattoo sleeve and her dad taking her for her first tattoo and whats in store for the next year :) Watch out for the random dance breaks as well there hilarious

Jun 182012

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Whatup baby G’s Check out this interview where Showbiz Shelly talks to Dev backstage about how she got discovered, her sound, and her 6 month old daughter. Enjoy :)

Jun 162012

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Hey babygoons check out this Interview where Sarah from 92.3 NOW’s Morning show talks to Dev about her heartfelt MTV special, her fiance, her new baby girl, and she even challenged Dev’s father to a beer bong duel! Enjoy :)

Jun 162012

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Check out this new interview with The Cataracs where they talk about where everything started for them and DEV. Its an interesting interview. Enjoy :)

Source: Arjan Writes

Jun 162012

Joslyn Davis from Clevver music caught up with Dev at the 2012 Young Hollywood Awards in Hollywood. Dev chatted about being a new Mom, finishing her tour, recording a new album and what makes a good dance song. :D

Jun 162012

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Baby goons check out this video of Dev walking the red carpet at the 14th annual young hollywood awards. She is looking hot hot hot! Watch the close ups of her faces, she is flawless :)

Jun 072012

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Hey baby goons, check out Mama Goons interview with Carson Daly this morning ;)

Many people would be intimidated to share difficult moments on screen, but Dev wanted to show us baby goons an in-depth look at her life since Emilia was born, heres what she said to Carson about the airing of the MTV Show:

“I loved it, I did, ” she told Carson this morning. “I think it got across how hard I work and everything I was doing with my family and my baby and I think it did justice, for sure.”

Now that Emilia Lovely is on the mend, it has allowed Mama Goon to get back into the swing of things. She started touring the United States after releasing her debut album, The Night The Sun Came Up, this past March. heres what she had to say about that teour life:

“It’s been great. It’s so much fun. I missed it, for sure. But yeah, it’s awesome. I was in a bus for like a month and a half. I brought the baby and she was great. Yes, I brought the baby in the tour bus and I even got her soundproof headphones for when she comes into the venue.”

Dev’s Los Angeles stop coincides with LA Pride, a massive event in West Hollywood celebrating the LGBT community.

“I’m going to be performing [on Sunday], I think it’s the AT&T mainstage, 9:30 p.m.”

Several other entertainers will also be on hand for the weekend of festivities, including Lil’ Kim, Belinda Carlisle, and Dev’s personal favorite…

“Karmin! I’m excited to see their set. I’ve seen them in the past couple of shows and they’re great people, so I’m excited.”

For those of you interested in checking out LA Pride this weekend, the festival kicks off at noon on Saturday, the parade begins at 11 a.m. on Sunday, and Dev takes the stage at on Sunday at 9:30 p.m. For more information, go to LAPride

Listen to Carson’s entire interview with Mama Goon below!

Source: Amp Radio

Jun 062012

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Hey baby goons, check out this video interview of Mama Goon, where she talks her style and Baby-G watches ;)