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Mar 292012

Check out what Arjan had to say about Dev’s new video ”Naked” feat Enrique:

This week is easily one of the biggest and most important weeks of Dev’s burgeoning career as a pop star. On Sunday, she performed for thousands of fans at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami alongside Timbaland, Steve Aoki and DJ Skeet Skeet who came out to support her. That high-profile gig was followed by the much-anticipated release of her fantastic debut LP, “The Night The Sun Came Up,” that is slowly but surely rising to the top of the iTunes album chart. And if all of that wasn’t enough, Dev unveiled the video for her new single “Naked” on YouTube today that features none other than heartthrob Enrique Iglesias.

When we first reviewed the song back in December, we were immediately captured by hypnotic and mesmerizing qualities of the song. Masterfully produced by The Cataracs, the song prominently features Dev’s sexy and sultry performance along with Enrique Iglesias’ yearning vocals that amplify the production’s summery qualities.

The video of the song takes us to a late night at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas where Dev is getting ready for a night out and a perfectly coiffed Enrique just checked in to try his luck at the roulette table. The Las Vegas mega hotel and casino is the perfect backdrop for a song about rolling the dice, a chance meeting and taking a risk with a stranger no matter what others think of it. “Daddy told you to stay away from me,” Dev sings. “[But] I don’t care what they say. It’s our life. Come and run away with me (. . .) We can dance if we want. Make it feel alright.”

Dev and Enrique actually do not appear together in one single frame, but after almost running into each other the entire night, the video suggests they finally meet in the very last scene of the video in the hotel elevator just when the doors are about to slide to a close. And that’s exactly that chance meeting filled with chemistry that sparks intrigue and a bit of mystery that fuels the song’s narrative. The Cataracs make a cameo in the video as well when they meet Dev in the hotel bar around the 2:19 minute mark. (Support new pop and download Dev “Naked” and “The Night The Sun Came Up” on iTunes.)

Source : Arjan Writes

Mar 292012

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The wait is over!!!
The music video for Dev’s single ‘Naked’ has finally dropped. From the minute this track dropped in December baby goons have been excited for a visual and here it is. Mama goon is looking fly and hot as hell and i am sure the ladies will be loving how Enrique is looking. Hope you all love it as much as we do here at DEVworlddaily.net ;)

Mar 282012

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Perez Hilton has post another Dev performance from his ‘One Night In Austin’ show but this time Devy is killing it all by herself ;) Not only did she kill it onstage but she also gave us some fast beats and low basses just how we like them ;) Watch Devin kill it live below :)


Mar 282012

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Perez Hilton has posted HQ footage of Timbaland & Dev performing Break ya Back from his event ‘One night in Austin’
Dev and timbaland have unbelievable chemistry and this is a HOT performance..we here at DEVWorldDaily look forward to the video but while we wait for that to drop hit up this video below ;)


Mar 282012

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Hey Baby Goons, check out Mama Goon at the beginning of this video, she presented Machine Gun Kelly with an award at the MTV Woodie Awards! I definately wanna see Mama Goon hosting more shows! Shes amazing! ;)

Mar 272012

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Here’s what Chuck Eddy from Rolling Stone had to say about Dev’s debut album ”The Night The Sun Came Up” –

California club pop chirper Dev’s debut is as stark as it is sweet. This is owed partly to the casually giddy lightness of her talk-singing – familiar from her slizzered 2010 cameo on Far East Movement’s smash “Like a G6,” and around-the way-girl frisky like 1980s Latin freestyle. Escaping her smalltown in “Getaway,” Dev opens her album braving the unknown. From there, the Cataracs’ stripped-bare basement electro production ensures the darkness she’s dancing into feels exhilarating and disruptive.”No Scrabble game night,”she warns, but her bass is down low and a thump’s in her trunk – disco lives, and Dev will survive.

Rolling Stone also gave the album a 3.5 star score.

Source: Rolling Stone

Mar 272012

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Some reviews on Dev’s debut album ”The Night The Sun Came up” are in, and it seems everyone is enjoying it as much as we are.

Here’s what Jordan Meehan from EQ Music Blog had to say –

Dev’s debut album The Night the Sun Came Up is finally being released in the US and I recently gave it a listen. We’ve all heard her on a slew of pop and dance tracks, which have varied in their sounds, but what does Dev bring to the table on her own? Well lets break it down track by track and find out:

Getaway – serves as a good intro track; it’s short, straightforward and lures you in. What’s interesting about this track though, is that about halfway through it completely changes and dips into a minor key, which is unexpected and interesting to say the least.

In My Trunk – This one is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. In My Trunk is a perfect dance song with total club appeal. Packed with some power synths and fast beats and sleek, and heavy digitalized vocals, this song is both slightly hypnotic and energetic.

Me – Me is pretty much everything you would expect it to be: an autobiographical song detailing Dev’s past and talking about her present life. This track chugs along with a calm nature, kind of spoken chorus and what I perceive to be operatic voices saying “Me” over and over, and eventually culminates in a surprisingly great bridge, which ends up closing the track with some swelling electro.

Naked – This song is just irresistible. What do you expect though when you through Enrique Iglesias on a hot dance song? Enrique could sing Someone Like You and turn it into a hot dance song. The beat in Naked pounds while the lyrics are sweet and vulnerable. Definitely a highlight of the album.

Lightspeed – Another homerun of a clubbanger right here. Lightspeed starts out quiet and calm in the first verse and swells and swells into the first chorus before a massive beat drop into a pounding beat. This track only gets better from there, delving into another verse, which Dev spins out in a half sung, half rap manner reminiscent of Ke$ha.

Breathe – This track might be my favorite on the album; it’s straight up perfect dance pop: lighthearted lyrics, a fun chorus and an instrumental that flat out defies one simple genre. This song is an amalgamation of folk, dance and electronica. While the vocals on this track are also heavily digitalized, it all fits into the song seamlessly and adds to it’s club appeal.

Dancing Shoes – This song rivals Breathe for my favorite song. It’s such a mash up of different sounds but like the previous track, fit perfectly together. Maybe it’s the fact that this song is so different from everything that comes before it on the album in both sound and content that make it so enjoyable. It’s like a breath of fresh air from the previous pounding dance songs. Dancing Shoes is an innocent, light and happy song that is just impossible to dislike.

Perfect Match – This track continues the trend started by Dancing Shoes. It’s certainly not a dance song, but it’s still great in a sweet way. The verses are more stripped down and laid back, while the chorus reaches an appropriate intensity to give this track the Dev flair.

In the Dark – And with this track, we find ourselves back in dance pop paradise. This track is already quite well known, so there isn’t much left to say. What I do love about this song though is the saxophone, which really sets it apart from most typical Top 40 pop songs.

Kiss My Lips – Dev hops in and delivers a seductive chorus, which proves to be irresistible. Overall not a bad song, but would have been much stronger if it had been just Dev.

Shadows – I like this song quite a bit. While it feels like it would have fit better after Dancing Shoes or Perfect Match, as it isn’t quite a big dance song, it’s still a great song to anticipate the end of the album. Dev’s vocals are light and sweet and it’s hard to not just bop along with this song.

Don’t Hurt It – This is a great song to close the album with. Hypnotic vocals, fast beats and a dirty bass line, and not to mention a guest appearance from Timaland, make this song a trademark Dev song. While it sounds slightly similar to some other songs on the album, it’s still an undeniable dance song with it’s own flair and stand out traits.

He further went on to say….

Overall this album surprised me quite a bit. Admittedly I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Dev, who I’ve only really ever heard tacked onto a number of different pop songs, which have all been extremely different. Hearing her on songs ranging from Backseat by New Boys & The Cataracts to Hotter Than Fire by my favorite Swede Eric Saade, I certainly didn’t expect Dev to bring this kind of sound to the table. What’s interesting about this album is that it is so noticeably influenced by a slew of different sounds and genres and creates a sound that sounds so different but still so natural and unique.

Source: EQ Music Blog

Mar 262012

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Top 40 Pop have listed Mama Goon’s track “Take Her From You” at Number 5 on their “Top 10 New Pop Songs Chart” woop woop! Check it out baby Goons!

Heres what they had to say: “Take Her From You” is the latest song released from Dev’s much delayed album The Night the Sun Came Up. It is now set to be released next week March 26, 2012. “Take Her From You” is a stylistic change from the dance-pop Dev has typically released. “Take Her From You” is stripped down with a bit of a bluesy swagger.

Click Here to Buy “Take Her From You On Itunes

Click Here to view the video of “Take Her From You”

Source: Top 40

Mar 262012

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Devin was interview by beauty high and they talked about several different things including:

Her recent addiction to the new ck one collection:

“I’ve gotten to use it at home and on the road for my show, plus for my new single “Naked” I used it in the entire video, I love, love, love, the 3-in-1 foundation, the Gloss Eyecolor is really easy and it doesn’t crease and the Powder Eyeshadow Quad is perfect for those girls who need to be walked through it every morning.”

Her love for neon:

“I’m kind of a dork, but I love the neon stuff,I was someplace random the other day, like JCPenney’s and I was trying to buy the little girls’ neon belts — so embarrassing.”

And playing up her look for her live shows:

“On stage I get to give it what the song deserves. I play up my makeup and lashes, because I am more than a singer — I’m a performer. Fashion and makeup goes hand-in-hand with the music. So when I’m on the road I get to play it up a bit.”

Source: Beauty High

Mar 262012

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I know its been along time coming for some of you baby goons but its finally here! A beautiful 15 track album full of amazing stories and mind blowing club bangers. I hope everyone loves this album as much as we do here at DevWorldDaily and just incase European fans who got the album in September feel left out and want more Dev, The Night The Sun Came Up has also been reissued in europe with 3 new tracks for you all to enjoy ;)

Buy The Night The Sun Came Up