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Apr 122012

Devin and Lisa (Devs hot mama) were interviewed by Recordnet.com and opened up about everything thats been happpening with Devs career, Emilia Lovely and Devs journey so far.

This is some of what lisa had to say about her daughter Dev:

And she’s actually a really good business woman. I’m so proud of her. At 22, she can go into a (record company) boardroom and really take control. “I get emotional. I tear up every time I see her with the baby. I’m proud of her. Very proud”

Heres what Devin had to say about touring so far:

“Since my first live show, I’ve been envisioning this, Everything. The props, lighting, back-up singers. A little DJ. It’s all finally coming together. It’s awesome. I have full creative control to make it my little fairy tale.”

About her homecoming defies imagining, too:

“Oh, I’m excited, It’s awesome. It’s really the coolest. It excites me to be playing back in the 209.”

About her “rags-to-almost-riches” story of this “small-town girl”- the inspiration for “Getaway,” a song on “The Night the Sun Came Up,” her debut CD that was released on March 27 – has similar qualities.

“I wanted to reflect very much the fairy-tale, rags-to-almost-riches story,” Tailes said. “Turning-of-the-leaf situations. I’m happy with it.”

While attending Delta College in 2008, DEV and a friend recorded a “super-weird, super-different” version of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.” Just for fun. They uploaded it to MySpace.

The album mixes bright, bouncy dance-pop with hip-hop rhythms, pure-pop tunes (think Katy Perry, Regina Spektor), an introspective semi-ballad (“Shadows”); a sped-up baby voice (“In My Trunk”); and collaborations with Enrique Iglesias (“Naked,” her current single) and rapper Fabolous (“Kiss My Lips”).

“Getaway,” the first of its 11 songs, refers to her transition from Manteca, and a job at an Old Navy store, to Los Angeles. The slightly spiteful “ME!” explores the journey from “Dev who?” to “Dev-in-demand.”

Her label – Universal Republic – is powerful (Winehouse, Drake, Florence Welch, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, “The Hunger Games”). She’s performed and recorded hits with the Cataracs and Far East Movement.

A Rolling Stone magazine critic awarded her album 3 1/2 stars. Just like Madonna’s “MDNA.”

What DEV had to say about Emilia:

“She’s great,” Tailes said of Emelia. “It’s been a good experience so far. I’m a musician and I wanna be a mom. I’m stubborn as hell. I’ll somehow figure out how to do both of them.”

Despite some “push back” from fans because her poppier-sounding CD is on a huge corporate label – Tailes writes lyrics and the Cataracs create the beats and sonic structure – Tailes is undeterred.

She’s no flavor-of-the-musical-month, either.

“I don’t have a life outside of this,” said Tailes, who used the baby delay to “tweak a few things” on the CD. “I’ve never worked as hard. It’s beautiful that I get to do this. There are pros and cons to everything. I love it. What a fun journey.”

Though it’s “first things first,” Tailes is “open to so much”: side roads into a movie. “That would be kind of rad. The big leagues”; clothing design, cosmetics and voicing a cartoon character: “I wanna play a bird. A Grammy would be cool.”

Though she’s recorded platinum-selling songs, Tailes doesn’t wear glass slippers.

“The ‘Cinderella’ thing,” she said. “They hear you on the radio and think you’re a millionaire. Overnight. I’ve worked hard for things.”

“The Night the Sun Came Up” relates to her rise.

“These are stories I needed to tell,” Tailes said. “Things that very much made it happen. Family support. The Cataracs. I’ve been surrounded by people who keep me strong and grounded. At first, I’d call back home crying. I wasn’t making money. I didn’t like begging.

Source: RecordNet

Apr 122012

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Dev recently sat down with Cash Connors to talk about motherhood, how she spent her easter and being back in the studio with the cataracs making some more bangers ;) Check it out below

Apr 112012

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MTV have named Dev as their push artist of the week and along with that she has also become a part of their GYT campaign. This is what dev had to say about it

“I really do feel that confidence is the sexiest thing, Having the confidence to talk to your partner is very, very important.”

Check out her interview below

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Apr 112012

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Dev has been announced as one of many acts that will perform at Lollapalooza this year. This is a very exciting event for Dev to be performing at and we can wait to see her kill it.


Apr 112012

Dev sits down with Jeni Of fLow 93.5 and they talk about her performance at the MMVA, Her debut album, the kiss my lips video and alot more. Check this one out its a really cool interview. :)

Apr 112012

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Dev was interviewed by Carson Daly recently and in the video below she speaks about making music, her parents reaction on her moving to LA, panicking when she fell pregnant and more. Check out the video below its a nice interview and Dev looks gorgeous as always :)

Apr 102012

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Dev sat down with next movie to talk about many different things including her love of swearing, the Scorsese gangster classic “Goodfellas,” and dishes on a rumor regarding ‘The Hunger Games’ sequel. Check this cool interview below ;)

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Apr 102012

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A big congratulations to Dev and Enrique Iglesias as their track ‘Naked’ was Subway Fresh Buzz song of the week. All us baby goons love it so im glad everyone else is hella feeling it too ;)


Apr 092012

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Ladies, have you ever wanted to spend the night with DEV and talk about girly things? well heres your chance to check out this video of dev giving some important girl tips. Enjoy

Apr 082012

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I know that alot of Non US Baby Goons cant watch alot of the new interviews and performances that Dev is doing with MTV because of copyright but some rad goon put the videos of dev performing at MTV spring break on youtube so baby goons worldwide can watch in amazement of devs onstage swag ;) Dev performs Bass Down Low in the first one below and in the second she does a medley of In The Dark/Naked. Alo see if you can spot Sammi, Deena and Ronnie from Jersey Shore in the crowd ;)