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Apr 112012

Written by Luis // filled under Carson Daly,Dev,DEVisHot,Interview

Dev was interviewed by Carson Daly recently and in the video below she speaks about making music, her parents reaction on her moving to LA, panicking when she fell pregnant and more. Check out the video below its a nice interview and Dev looks gorgeous as always :)

Apr 102012

Written by Luis // filled under Dev,DEVisHot,Interview

Dev sat down with next movie to talk about many different things including her love of swearing, the Scorsese gangster classic “Goodfellas,” and dishes on a rumor regarding ‘The Hunger Games’ sequel. Check this cool interview below ;)

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Apr 102012

Written by Luis // filled under Dev,DEVisHot,Enrique Iglesias,Naked,Poll

A big congratulations to Dev and Enrique Iglesias as their track ‘Naked’ was Subway Fresh Buzz song of the week. All us baby goons love it so im glad everyone else is hella feeling it too ;)


Apr 092012

Written by Luis // filled under Dev,DEVisHot,Girl tips,Interview

Ladies, have you ever wanted to spend the night with DEV and talk about girly things? well heres your chance to check out this video of dev giving some important girl tips. Enjoy

Apr 082012

Written by Luis // filled under Appearance,Bass Down Low,Dev,DEVisHot,In The Dark,Naked

I know that alot of Non US Baby Goons cant watch alot of the new interviews and performances that Dev is doing with MTV because of copyright but some rad goon put the videos of dev performing at MTV spring break on youtube so baby goons worldwide can watch in amazement of devs onstage swag ;) Dev performs Bass Down Low in the first one below and in the second she does a medley of In The Dark/Naked. Alo see if you can spot Sammi, Deena and Ronnie from Jersey Shore in the crowd ;)

Apr 072012

Written by Luis // filled under Dev,DEVisHot,Naked

We here at DEVWorldDaily are working hard to update our Dev radio request page but until then we need to keep the support up and get Dev Naked into at least the top 20 on billboard hot 100. IV found a website where you can request Dev all around america very easily. Click here to start requesting :)

Apr 072012

Written by Luis // filled under Bass Down Low,Dev,DEVisHot,DWD Update,MTV,Naked,Spring Break

Dev recently performed at MTV Spring Break and the videos of the performances are finally here :) In MTV’s Buzzworthy blog they posted an article about her performance and this is some of what they had to say

”our dream Dev mega-mix comes true when she meshes “Naked” and “In The Dark” into one hyper dance jam. The song starts with “Naked” (Enrique Iglesias didn’t make it to the party, unfortch) and peeps sing along like it’s their Spring Break anthem (it probably is). But the audience really loses their collective ish when the beat from “In The Dark” rides in and causes absolute, fist-pumping mayhem. It’s official: Dev throws the best damn party EVER.”

Source: MTV Buzzworthy

Apr 052012

Written by Luis // filled under Appearance,Dev,DEVisHot,emilia lovely gorecki,Interview

Dev recently sat down with HOT 97-5 and told them all about her obsession with wearing boys underwear, finally putting out The Night The Sun Came Up and Emilia Lovely’s first night sleeping on a tour bus.. Check it out below ;)

Apr 042012

Written by admin // filled under Dev,DEVisHot,DWD Update,MTV

Hey baby goons check out this interview that Mama Goon had while she was at MTV Spring Break

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Apr 042012

Written by Luis // filled under Baby Goon,Exclusive,Performances,Tour Dates

Something cool for you today baby goons ;) Greg (A baby goon) recently went to a Dev live show and got to go to her rehearsal and meet her after the show. Greg made a video documenting the day leading up to meeting Dev, in the video below there is footage of dev performing different tracks including Lightspeed, Bass Down Lown and Getaway, footage of devs rehearsal and more. Check out how cool this video is :)

A big thanks to Greg for making this video and if you want to ask him about his experience hit him up @GregisGo on twitter :)