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Aug 132011

Written by admin // filled under DWD Update

I don’t know who you are
Or who you believe to be
But I, I like what I see
And you don’t gotta be on movie screens
Cause god damn boy you’re for me
And don’t call me a star in these old denim jeans
You are that thing that’s setting me free
So stay the night
Talk to me
Let’s have a drink
Boy get lost with me

When you need to breathe
I’ll make your heart beat twice as fast
Like a cigarette
And I will be your perfect match
Perfect match
Perfect match

I wanna stay up late and laugh with you all night
Storytell about both our lives
And we can lay side by side
Boy hold on for the ride
Why not you know I love your style
And the taste of your bitter sweet smile
Won’t you scream with me
A little nightmare and a dream with me

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